Laura Schmidt, RD, LDN

Whole 30 Recipe Round Up

Whole 30 Recipe Round Up

Did you start out 2019 by starting the Whole 30 program? There are SO many resources and great recipes that make completing this nutritional reset program a little easier. By this point you may be over half way through the program and may be feeling a little meal burn out. Would you like eggs, avocado and sweet potatoes or sweet potatoes with avocado and eggs? I have several friends and family members who are on the program right now so I wanted to share some recipes to get you through the rest of the program.

Whole 30 or not these recipes all look delicious and while I am not on a Whole 30 my self most of our dinner meals and recipes we use are pretty close to the Whole 30 guidelines due to me having Celiac Disease and not eating any gluten and low amounts of dairy.

If you are not familiar with the program it is a 30 day nutritional reset where you eliminate gluten, dairy, legumes, grains, soy, and sugar. A reintroduction phase is recommended by gradually reintroducing these foods individually to see how your body reacts.

WHOLE 30 Recipes to Try

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