Laura Schmidt, RD, LDN

ALDI Shopping Guide

ALDI Shopping Guide

If you want to eat healthy but would like to also stay on a budget this little shopping guide is for you. I have complied a list of my favorite staples from Aldi that you can print and take a long with you for your next grocery haul. Use it as your grocery list and put a little check by the things you need for the week and also add your other items that may not be listed.

Eating a nutritious diet or saying money should not be a choice we have to chose between. Shopping at Aldi helps to save money without compromising nutrition. Aldi has a great produce section that even offers a growing variety of affordable organics.  I did not go into detail in my list of what all to buy in the produce section because the sky is the limit here but some regulars on my list include organic gala apples, pears, bananas, brussel sprouts, sweet potatoes, avocados, organic salad mixes and a variety of berries.

Below is a list of my Aldi favorites. * A printable PDF is available at the bottom of the list.



All fresh produce- Aldi has a large variety of fresh produce that is great quality for a low price

Simple Nature Organic Eggs
Never Any Brand Chicken, whole chicken, tenders, breasts etc
Fit and Active Ground Turkey
Never Any Brand Chicken Sausages
Never Any Brand Black Forrest Ham
Fit and Active Pork Tenderloin
Fresh Salmon
Simple Nature Grass Fed Beef
Canned Northern Catch Salmon and Tuna
Simple Nature Chicken breakfast sausage links
Never Any Brand Nitrate Free Bacon

Dairy and Dairy Alternatives
Unsweetened vanilla almond milk or unsweetened original almond milk
Organic cows milk
Simple Nature plain whole milk yogurt
Plain greek yogurt
Parmesan cheese
Feta Cheese
Goat Cheese logs
Block cheeses

Dips and condiments
100 calorie guacamole packets
Hummus- all varietes
Dijon Mustard
Maple Syrup
Simple Nature apple cider vinegar dressing

Simple Nature Organic Blueberries or Strawberries
Brussel sprouts
Green beans
Turkey burgers

Nuts/Nut Butters
Raw almonds
Roasted unsalted almonds
Roasted cashews
Pumpkin seeds
Salt and pepper cashews
Simple Nature almond butter
Simple Nature cashew butter
Simple Nature peanut butter

Pantry Staples
Rolled oats
Corn Tortillas
Live G Free Brown Rice Qunioa Pasta
Live G Free gluten free bread
Brown rice
Simple Nature chia seeds
Simple Nature hemp seeds
Simple Nature flax meal
Simple Nature apple cider vinegar
Simple Nature Garbanzo Beans
Canned fire roasted tomatoes
Canned tomato sauce
Canned pumpkin
Chia seeds
Hemp Seeds
Flaxseed meal
Pitted dates
Simple Nature marinara sauce
Simple Nature medium salsa
Peach and Mango salsa
Simple Nature organic black beans
Simple Nature reduced sodium chicken broth
Simple Nature organic popcorn
Simple Nature oats and honey or pumpkin seed bars

Extras and Treats
Simple Nature sweet potato chips
Simple Nature blue corn chips
Sprouted bread (if not following a gluten free diet)
Dark chocolate bar
Live G Free Gluten Free Granola

Click on the below link to download printable PDF

Aldi Shopping Guide