Laura Schmidt, RD, LDN

Your Guide to Gluten Free In Columbia

Your Guide to Gluten Free In Columbia

Eating out gluten free can take some research and planning. For those who need to eat gluten free for medical reasons it can also be a nerve wracking experience, you may feel like you are rolling the dice on the odds of getting sick.  Here is a list of places that make it easier to eat gluten free. Always alert your server you need to have a gluten free meal, I always use the term allergy to help them understand the need to keep it gluten free in case they confuse you with someone doing it as a trendy diet. There are other restaurants that may accommodate I would just ask to speak to the manager if cross contamination makes you sick.

The Dotted Lime– The WHOLE restaurant is gluten free… This is your place to eat if you need to follow a gluten free diet, bring your gluten eating family and friends they will love it too. They have so many options other than grilled meat and baked potato that most places offer. They source their ingredients local so you will get the best quality food, important when trying to heal your body with a gluten free diet. They cater to other allergens as well like dairy, nuts and soy and offer vegan options. If you need food for a group they offer catering options. Coming soon they plan to offer ready made meals to take the work out of meal prep, they do it for you:)

Chic Fil A- Gluten free menu online includes grilled chicken nuggets,grilled market salad, fruit cup, side salad, grilled chicken sandwich on gluten free bun, and waffle fries. Fries are often fried with the chicken tenders making cross contamination a risk but Chic Fil A fries separately.

CAB Cafe- Offers gluten free bread as a substitution for sandwiches and other options can be adjusted to make gluten free

Blend- Smoothies, juices, local produce, eggs and grab and go items from The Dotted Lime

Square Market- The menu highlights gluten free options with a red heart

Pucketts- Ask Server for a Gluten Free Menu

JJ’s BBQ- Pulled meats are all gluten free. Pulled meat on salad with no croutons and no crackers and pulled meat on loaded potato are two options. I always ask for a glove change if they have been making sandwiches.

Southern Tre- Will accommodate gluten free. Talk to server about options.

Columbia Health Food Store- Offers gluten free soup, juices, smoothies and many gluten free products

Windmill Bakery- Offers gluten free breads and baked goods. Also takes special orders for gluten free cakes for birthdays and other celebrations

Picture Credit: Trip Advisor